Woods Creek Features Established, Proven Peer Groups

Invitation-only Executive Peer Groups provide C-level professionals timely topical discussions, confidential conversations, and high-quality relationships. Our roundtables include:

Participate in a roundtable for CFOs of equity funded or publicly traded companies, or one for privately held companies.

Operating executives (VP and above) from mid size and large companies. Learn more…

For CIOs and CTOs from a variety of industries.  Learn more…

“The Founder Factor”

Nancy Truitt Pierce’s multi-year study of the changing needs of growing companies , The Founder Factor provides insight into how teams can best support a company through stages of growth.

  • I view my peer group membership as an essential part of my professional life. Through my affiliation with the consortium, I am able to quickly leverage the collective knowledge of these valuable connections. I am fortunate to have the ability to easily access such experienced people as extensions of my own team, whether it be for a professional referral or for advice on a critical business issue. Lisa Clarke, COO, Passage Events

  • I have been a member of Nancy’s peer groups for the past 12 years, and have continually re-enrolled to keep up the high level of peer networking with like-minded and similarly-positioned executives in the area. I value the richness of the topics that are discussed each month and the ability to dialog safely (confidentially) with both subject matter experts and peers. Unlike many other networking events where you get to spend most of your time simply listening to a speaker, Nancy’s peer group meetings have a far superior format where speakers introduce a topic and then let the peer group members tease out value from the discussion amongst themselves. I have traversed from the Executive Peer Group (XPEG) to Technology Executive Peer Group (TXPEG) and back as my career has evolved over the years here in the Puget Sound area. I have found that Nancy maintains the same high level of quality speakers and peers in both groups. Additionally, I have found that the network of peers is incredibly valuable during times of transition.Bill Derrick, VP Client Operations, Lexis Nexis (formerly)

  • TXPEG provides an opportunity to meet with peers facing similar challenges and bouncing ideas with them.  It also provides an exchange of experience on solutions and vendors and an ability to learn new topics and trends.Michel Danon, CIO, Sound Transit

  • This is a great group of individuals. I learn a lot just talking to them individually. The monthly round tables are good but the rolodex of contacts you get is great.  I have made use of this in several ways including learning about experiences of others and hiring good candidates: If I save a finder’s fee (usually 20%) the investment for me in XPEG has been a good ROI.   It is hard to put a $$ around the learning but I think it is well more than the annual cost of XPEG.CJ Venkataraman, CIO, Delta Dental

  • Many points of view … diverse industry representation, diverse company size, diverse backgrounds of the people, and top-notch expert speakers combined with professional facilitation makes each session something I look forward to. One reason I’ve been a member for years is the personal connection I can make with each person that stand the test of time.Dr. Steve Tarr, CIO, Northwest Hospital

  • The CFO Roundtable offers the chance to network and problem-solve with leading public and private company CFO’s throughout the Seattle metropolitan area. Add to that the strong speakers program, and this has to be considered a premier financial executive resource.William F. (Bill) Dougherty, CFO

  • The CFO Roundtable is a very valuable resource to me. With virtually any business issue I might face, there is someone in the group who has experience in the area and can provide helpful guidance and referrals. The group is a treasure trove of information.
    David Lightfoot, CFO, Pb Elemental Architecture, LLC