Member Driven, Professionally Facilitated Peer Groups

peergroupsboatBuilding on our belief that the best learning and sharing is with peers in an enriched and professionally managed learning group, we have convened several groups of peer leaders who meet monthly to share insights and study current, critical issues in their area. Membership in each group is by invitation only, based on both qualifications and availability of spots.  Membership in each group is limited.

The peer groups and the criteria for membership in each is described briefly below:

CFO Roundtables – Publicly Traded & Privately Held

Must be a full time CFO in an operating company.  No service firms that target CFOs or fractional CFOs.  One group is for CFO’s in publicly traded or equity funded companies and the second is for CFO’s in privately held companies.

Executive Peer Group (XPEG)

Operating executives (VP and above) from mid size and large companies who have a passion for building effective organizations.  Members are typically the senior team member who buys the latest management book but doesn’t have time to read it.

Technology Executives Peer Group (TXPEG)

The highest ranking executives who focus on solving business problems using technology including CIO and CTO from a variety of industries.

EA Roundtable – Executive Assistants

Confidential assistants to top leaders in mid to large companies.