Must be a full time CFO in an operating company.  No service firms that target CFOs or fractional CFOs.  One group is for CFO’s in publicly traded or equity funded companies and the second is for CFO’s in privately held companies.

  • Talk about ROI….my time and the money invested being a member of the CFO Roundtable has been returned many times over. In the first 3 meetings I was able to apply what was discussed at the meetings to our company and add tremendous value in my role as CFO. For example: There was an IT speaker that spoke about IT business strategies that helped point out where our company was not getting full value. We were able to address this and generate positive results. Also, when we were discussing Advisory Boards the experiences and results obtained by others attending would definitely benefit our company. It became very clear that the value to our company could be significant and discussions with the CEO began immediately. Christine Gildow, CFO Coldwell Banker Bain (formerly)

  • I find the roundtable to be a great resource to keep current on issues and trends. For instance, having other peers discuss how they are handling issues or getting a heads up about issues coming down the pike is extremely valuable. The roundtable does a good job of bringing pertinent issues to the conversation.Trevor Lang, CFO, Zumiez

  • I think our meetings and the continuing education they provide are very useful. It is higher leverage than what a larger group or lecture would provide because we have the opportunity to question or drill down on portions that are of particular interest.

    However, some of the best value lies in the informal networking and information exchange that the group provides. The most striking example of this for me was a burning banking question I posed via e-mail one afternoon. Within 2 hours I had input from 11 CFO’s, not counting multiple back-and-forth exchanges with several of them. I received very substantive input (from those who had “been there”) that was critical that afternoon in how I dealt with my issue.
    Jon W. Stafford, CFO, Pacific Plumbing Supply Co. LLC

  • The smaller group and format allows for everyone to ask their question. There’s a huge benefit in the amount of sharing of information that occurs when someone in the room has ‘been there and done that before’. –Robin Galloway, CFO, Restaurants Unlimited

  • The opportunity to stay connected with my peers is invaluable. As busy as we all are at our companies, it’s the best way I know of to keep in touch. In addition, Nancy and the advisory group do a great job of identifying topics that are relevant and timely to the members, and identifying informative and quality speakers to address those topics at the monthly meetings.
    The network is a great source to bounce ideas off of, locate talent and get questions answered to a variety of topics that come up. Rather than having to “reinvent the wheel” on an accounting or finance issue that my company may be dealing with, I can ping the group and get relatively quick responses from others that have dealt with the same issue and can offer suggestions on how they dealt with it.
    Once a year there are combined events with other roundtable groups, such as CEOs, CTOs and HR professionals. It is another good way to keep in touch and to network with other local execs.
    –Scott Burell, CFO, CombiMatrix Corp.

  • The CFO Roundtable offers the chance to network and problem-solve with leading public and private company CFO’s throughout the Seattle metropolitan area. Add to that the strong speakers program, and this has to be considered a premier financial executive resource.
    –William F. (Bill) Dougherty, CFO

  • The CFO Roundtable is a very valuable resource to me. With virtually any business issue I might face, there is someone in the group who has experience in the area and can provide helpful guidance and referrals. The group is a treasure trove of information.
    –David Lightfoot, CFO, Pb Elemental Architecture, LLC

  • The CFO Roundtable was a great way to get to know and learn from a great group of fellow CFOs. I found my membership in the group invaluable whenever I had a tough problem to solve or needed a referral.
    –John Zdanowski, Former CFO, Linden Labs and House Values

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the roundtable. I found it very useful. It was the best of any professional organization I have participated in. Much of that is due to your skill at running it. I’m glad to have been a part of it.
    –Rich Youde, CFO, on his retirement, Fulcrum Technologies