Operating executives (VP and above) from mid size and large companies who have a passion for building effective organizations.  Members are typically the senior team member who buys the latest management book but doesn’t have time to read it.

  • I view my peer group membership as an essential part of my professional life. Through my affiliation with the consortium, I am able to quickly leverage the collective knowledge of these valuable connections. I am fortunate to have the ability to easily access such experienced people as extensions of my own team, whether it be for a professional referral or for advice on a critical business issue. –Lisa Clarke, COO, Passage Events

  • I have been a member of Nancy’s peer groups for the past 12 years, and have continually re-enrolled to keep up the high level of peer networking with like-minded and similarly-positioned executives in the area. I value the richness of the topics that are discussed each month and the ability to dialog safely (confidentially) with both subject matter experts and peers. Unlike many other networking events where you get to spend most of your time simply listening to a speaker, Nancy’s peer group meetings have a far superior format where speakers introduce a topic and then let the peer group members tease out value from the discussion amongst themselves.

    I have traversed from the Executive Peer Group (XPEG) to Technology Executive Peer Group (TXPEG) and back as my career has evolved over the years here in the Puget Sound area. I have found that Nancy maintains the same high level of quality speakers and peers in both groups. Additionally, I have found that the network of peers is incredibly valuable during times of transition.
    –Bill Derrick, VP Client Operations, Lexis Nexis (formerly)

  • XPEG is an efficient means to “get out of the details” and broaden my perspective on a variety of relevant topics that have a re-energizing effect to problem solving. It is a well-run forum to share ideas and get instant feedback on challenges and fresh approaches to solving problems from your peers. It is a local and cost-effective (live and virtual) network where discussion and debate is encouraged to resolve real world issues that may be impacting your organization.

    –Jeff Pearson, Vice President, Clearwire

  • I’ve had the opportunity to work with Nancy, as well as to observe her work, in several contexts. I know that when Nancy is the meeting leader, we’ll cover the agenda, be given relevant material, engage in a spirited discussion, learn something new, and end on time having met the meeting objective(s).

    –Susan Lang, Director, Global Operations, VMC

  • The Executive Peer Group is a great use of my time. We cover timely, relevant topics and there is never a shortage of stimulating conversation around the given topic. The roundtable has also been an excellent resource for a variety of questions outside the monthly meetings. I highly value not only the information sharing that goes on, but the contacts made and relationships formed.

    –Bente Vollan, VP Field Services,Fulcrum Technology

  • I have been a member of XPEG since its inception, and I have found the membership to be of great value. I also feel that if I get one great idea that I can take back to my company and implement, then the meeting was a good use of my time! This has consistently been true. Even when you cannot attend the meetings, the meeting notes keep you abreast of what happened so you can get this “one great idea” concept – although going to the meeting and participating in the discussion is always richer!

    I have also found that learning about what other companies are doing through both the meetings and the surveys that Nancy’s organization does are very useful. This is particularly true during these challenging economic times. All in all, I feel that this is a great return on investment.
    –Susan Webber, VP HR, Concur Technologies (formerly)

  • XPEG is a great way to make myself raise my head and think about different ideas and different markets once a month. Not only does that contribute to new ideas I can use in my company, but also just keeps my brain in practice for “thinking outside the box”.

    Is it an enjoyable way to make connections with good, smart people in companies all across Seattle and the Eastside.

    –Sarah Daniels, VP Marketing, DreamBox Learning