The highest ranking sales executives who carry a number and have direct responsibility for the management of a professional sales team.

  • I view our group as “inexpensive consulting”. Once per month I get the opportunity to interface with my peers, to learn how they address the issues that face their businesses on a one on one basis. Some of these conversations have been very valuable to me and my company. In addition the group conversations always bring pertinent issues facing sales executives. But the biggest value to me is being in a room with a large cross-section of sales executives in a very open and friendly format. I don’t know of many other forums that I could be in this proximity with my peers.–Mark McDermott, K2 Software

  • The Sales Executive Peer Group is one of the most valuable external organizations to which I belong. I, as was my firm’s chairman, was concerned that the there would be limited substance to bring back to the firm. However, Nancy has a vast network of contacts and experts which present timely topics. Additionally I learn from my peers in a non-judgmental environment. I could not be happier with my involvement and I encourage anyone with responsibility for an organization’s sales to join. –Scott Jensen, Head of Sales, MOSS ADAMS LLP

  • I chose to join the Sales Executive Roundtable because I could see how this gathering brings like-minded executives together to solve real business issues we have in common. We discuss matters relevant to today’s market dynamics, while focusing on opportunities for enriching our individual sales environments within our own companies. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to gain insight from one’s peers, to be challenged, and to advance their company’s sales initiatives.
    –Candace Grisdale, VP Sales, Sesame Communication (formerly)